The algorithm for contacting a medical organization

Employees of GBUZ SK Pyatigorsky MRD provide paid medical services, the quality of which must comply with the terms of the contract and the standards of medical care.

Paid medical services are provided with informed informed consent of the patient, given in the manner established by the legislation of the Russian Federation on the protection of public health.

Employees of GBUZ SK “Pyatigorsk MRD” provide the patient with his request and in an accessible form for him information:

about his state of health, including information about the results of the examination, diagnosis, treatment methods, the risk associated with them, possible options and consequences of medical intervention, expected results of treatment;

about medicines and medical products used in the provision of paid medical services .., including their shelf life (warranty periods), indications (contraindications) for use.

When rendering paid medical services, employees of GBUZ SK Pyatigorsky MRD are required to comply with the requirements established by the legislation of the Russian Federation for the preparation and maintenance of medical documentation and accounting and reporting statistical forms, the procedure and deadlines for their submission.